C.M. PANCHO MACHINERIES, INC. is a premier heavy equipment rental company. We possess high-caliber, highly known brands of heavy equipment such as Volvo, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hyundai, Ingersollrand, and Bomag ,to name a few. We find it as our utmost aim to adapt to the diverse construction needs of our customers. We thus offer the following services:

  2. TRANSPORT of heavy equipment and materials.

C.M PANCHO MACHINERIES, INC. treats customers as one of its catalysts for business growth. This entails excellent customer service. The custom-built and modern service department continually improves the operating efficiency of heavy equipment, and we guarantee, without reservations, the high and safe performance of the equipment we offer for rent.

C.M. PANCHO MACHINERIES INC. true to the principles of its founding chairman, is widely recognized in the industry where it belongs. A company with its corporate governance attained the status of a world class quality brand, not only for the company, but for its machine and equipment.

Our fleet of machineries is labeled C.M.P.M.I., a label synonymous to its corporate values and principles :

C - Customer’s  Satisfaction
M - Machine Efficiency
P - Precision
M - Management’s Ethics
I - Innovative Business Practices

We aim to set high capacity for our machines, higher than the industry rate, through proper selection of machine parts and accessories. This practice allows our machine to be faster, safer and more precise over its competitors. Our machine innovation is systematically in constant harmony with value engineering, and always, the end result is GUARANTEED EFFICIENCY.