C.M PANCHO MACHINERIES, INC. is a subsidiary of one of the Philippines’ leaders in the construction industries, C.M PANCHO CONSTRUCTION, INC. The birth of C.M PANCHO MACHINERIES, INC. is the result of C.M Pancho Construction, Inc.’s unwavering edge in the construction business by incorporating high-standard machines and equipment as one of its core competencies that led the company to success.

We own a wide range of construction machineries and equipment categorized as follows :

  1. Earthmoving
  2. Lifting
  3. Hauling
  4. Concreting
  5. Special Support Equipment
  6. Plant (Crusher and Concrete)

C.M PANCHO MACHINERIES, INC. is run and managed by well-respected licensed mechanical engineers. Their topnotch understanding of the core principles in the field of design and analysis of construction plants, industrial equipment and machinery give them the sought- after advantage in their field. We have also begun to incorporate computer-aided engineering programs to the existing design and analysis process to allow easier and more exhaustive visualization of the products, to acquire the ability to create virtual assemblies of parts, and to ease out the use of the system in designing interfaces and tolerances. All in all, this additional feature just furthers C.M PANCHO MACHINERIES, INC.’ S competitive advantage in the field of construction.

C.M PANCHO MACHINERIES, INC. takes pride in its distinctive credential in guaranteeing the optimum performance and safety of its construction equipment through its efficient Preventive Maintenance System. We boast of the system’s maintenance methodology that proved to be highly efficient, effective in reducing downtimes, adept in the prevention of equipment deterioration, and foremost in safety concerns. This maintenance methodology includes:

  1. Planned Maintenance – includes preventive, predictive shutdowns and breakdowns.
  2. Autonomous Maintenance – includes opportunity maintenance, small breakdowns, and daily check-ups.

C.M PANCHO MACHINERIES, INC. has its own warehouse with a wide array of spare parts, maintenance equipment, and motor pool situated on a 2.5-hectare compound in Tarcan, Baliuag, Bulacan. We not only house heavy equipment here, but also maintain such equipment for maximum efficiency. We only have well-trained, exceptional mechanics to do the maintenance job. Our undercarriage division also uses hydraulic tools and also undertakes engine overhaul, steel fabrication, painting, welding, electrical, and other equipment maintenance works.

C.M PANCHO MACHINERIES, INC. also offers equipment rental services with an avowal of high efficiency and safety. Such added perks are priced competitively and reasonably. We are also selling construction equipment of good condition.